Club Internet Policy

Wath Upon Dearne Rugby Football Club

Internet Policy

This policy has been drawn up according to RFU guidance. (See attached).

Wath RUFC recognises that Internet technologies are valuable communication tools. Its website, social networking site (Facebook) and mobile communication tools are a key part of the daily operations of the club. However, whilst recognising this potential, Wath RUFC also recognises that the use of such technologies carries risks, namely child protection risks, but also risks to the reputation of the club.

The aim of this policy is to guard against such risks and to ensure that Wath RUFC promotes the safe, responsible use of its website, on-line communications and mobile technologies.

Website content
 Wath RUFC is responsible for the content of its website.
 Wath RUFC will not use its website and Internet technologies to disclose any personal information about any child (to include names, addresses, interests, activities, schools attended) which would help a stranger to target a child, or engage that child in conversation for the purposes of grooming.
 Wath RUFC will not display inappropriate content (violent, sexual or hateful) on its website and social networking site.
 Wath RUFC website and social networking site will not promote bullying, or display material which criticises or humiliates any child, or puts any child under pressure to participate in some aspect of the club’s activities.
 Wath RUFC website and social networking site will not display material which criticises or humiliates any member of the club or is harmful to the club’s reputation.
 Wath RUFC will ensure that links to other sites from its website are checked both for child protection reasons and to ensure that the content poses no other risk to the club’s reputation.
 Wath RUFC reserves the right to immediately remove links to any site it deems is causing concern.
 Links will be checked at least once every 6 months by the club’s webmaster and safeguarding officer.
 Wath RUFC will monitor individual contributions to its social networking site, blogs, messages boards, chat rooms or discussion forums for inappropriate content before they appear on-line.
 In the event of any complaints about content on any site Wath RUFC will immediately remove the content and re-instate it only once the complaint has been investigated and resolved.

Photos and Video
 Wath RUFC will request the written consent of all parents/carers of junior members to use team and match photos when they join the club. If consent is NOT obtained, images will not be used. If initial consent is subsequently withdrawn, the club will remove any images previously used from the site.
 Wath RUFC will use group, rather than individual images of junior members on its website and social networking site.
 If a child is named on the site, Wath RUFC will not include an image of that child.
 Where an image of a child is used on the site, the child’s first or last name will not be used below the image, in any adjacent text, or in the image file name.
 Wath RUFC will only use images of children in suitable dress.
 Wath RUFC coaches and other club officials will not use personal mobile technologies to take, store or send images of junior members.
 Wath RUFC will ensure that anyone taking images of children during games or training, including visiting supporters, has the permission of those responsible to do so and that they do not take images of any child whose parent has withdrawn permission to do so.
 Wath RUFC will not allow webcams and live image streams to be used on its website, or social networking site.
Mobile and 0n-line communication with children
 Wath RUFC will not allow club officials and coaches to communicate with individual children by text, or via on-line communication tools on any matter, unless there is an immediate risk to the welfare of that child which can be lessened by such contact.
 Coaches and club officials of Wath RUFC will never contact a child by telephone, unless they have the prior consent of the parent or carer of that child. If they need to contact a child by telephone, they should do so by telephone contact with the parent or carer of that child.
 When the club needs to communicate club-related information to children by email, it will use email groups comprising of email addresses given by parents. Such information should come from individuals designated by the club. These designated individuals should be known to parents or carers from an official list drawn up by the club prior to communication being made. (The club’s designated individuals must give their consent to their names being added to such a list and their names must be removed if that individual leaves.)

The club will ensure that all parties mentioned (club members, officials, coaches, parents and/or carers) in the above policy have access to it in hard or electronic copy and that they are aware of its content before activities with children commence at the beginning of each season, or, mid-season, on the arrival of new members, coaches and other officials to the club.
The club will publicise its Internet policy on its website and social networking site.
The club will ensure that all parents, carers or interested parties know how to raise a child protection issue in support of this policy.
The club will ensure that it has a set of procedures in place in order to fully implement this policy. Procedures will include any necessary disciplinary action should be the policy be breached.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet and mobile technologies, this policy will be reviewed annually to take into account any potential risk posed by further new and emerging technologies.

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Policy review date: August 2013